Better get these posted...hard to keep up.  Lots of action since the heat hit.  Too many Flies and such in the trap, but the birds are happy when I dump them!!

1. Anicla forbesi - Forbes's Dart - Hodges#10902  July 3, 2018

2. Choristoneura conflictana - Large Aspen Tortrix - Hodges#3637.  July 5, 2017

3. Canarsia ulmiarrosorella - Elm Leaftier Moth - Hodges#5926 July 3, 2018

4.Cnephasia stephensiana - Gray Tortrix - Hodges#3567.1 Had posted this in the wrong group.  Stuart  deleted it for me and I'm reposting here.  Had confused this with  Decodes basiplagana - Gray-Marked Tortridcid  Hodges#3573 for the past 3 summers.  It isn't found in NB.  June 30, 2018

5. Deltote bellicula - Bog Deltote - Hodges#9046  July 1, 2018...(posted in the wrong group.

6. Parapoynx maculalis - Polymorphic Pondweed Moth - Hodges#4759  July 2, 2018  Common for Joanne, and she decided to send me one this year.  

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Very nice, Nancy!! So glad I sent the last one to! Please send me Forbes' Dart and the Bog Deltote!!

Thanks Joanne!!  That Bog Deltote is just over a cm in length and so cute!


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