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5588 maybe

That's from mid to southern California, Jimmy. I took the image in good old NB. MPG/BG have no images.

Kudos to JD, I think he's got it.

OMG!!! Thank you JD and Tony!!!!

I've spent a LOT of time looking at MPG/BG using 'Northeast' for the region.

YAY! :)

Guess what: when JD posted the #.... I made a mistake and looked up 5888, not 5588. It is also a moth I had on one other occasion, on July 17/17. Picture me with egg on my face!!

'Egg on my face' lol 

I was buggy eyed and buggy headed, trying to look up micros I can relate!

Oh yes, for one thing, I think the heat has worn me out plus I've has 58 new moths this year. Think my brain, that usually has a decent capacity, has clogged up totally. 

Sooner or later I'll give mine a count...never think of it 


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