Came to my light last night Aug 9, Astle

All three images are of the same moth

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Nice images, Imelda. I haven't seen one of these yet this year but they are certainly due any day now.

Thanks Stuart!  

It is the first time I'd seen one, so I was very happy to see it.

I've been getting them for a week or more, they are starting to increase in numbers.  I had one I had pegged for a 'new' species.  It  kept returning, more worn each time.  I finally realized, just last night, that it was an underwing.  If I get it again, I'm lifting the wing...just to make sure!!  So if you  get one that looks like this,  Imelda...check under the

Wow, that's some difference,,, glad mine was a fresh one or I'd still be looking for it, lol. They do get quite worn looking.

Nancy: What do you think these 2 are?

Tony, I thought they were the same species...Yellow Underwing...I have a funny feeling that I was

The wings are  much too short to be pronuba; also, too much wing pattern.

So, what are they?? Dunno, but remind me of 11010 Lycophotia phyllophora

I had looked at 11010, Tony.... but thought it wasn't large's 18-20 mm and mine is 25-27mm.  Also the orbicular spot is round on  11010

The inset on pg 519 has one, second from the left that looks similar, the thorax too...also found one similar on I went with it. 

Perhaps I should walk through the families and see what else I can find.  I have been searching off and on since Aug. 1st.  Something will come up sooner or later.

I see some resemblance between yours and p519 but am not convinced yours is pronuba.

They give the size as 30-35mm (it is a long-winged species); yours is significantly less.

Also pronuba appear to have long pointed 'noses', yours are short and stubby.

HW colour would be the clincher.

Darn it!  I should of looked at the HW.  lol 

I did get a couple of the p519's this morning.  It is similar alright, but very oblong and the  nose IS long! ( hadn't noticed that)  I think I was frustrated from searching for 2 weeks.  I have to be more patient.

I appreciate the explanation, Tony. 

ps...Is it really called a 'nose'?  :)


I've had several of Tony's 'Lizard food',  AKA Yellow Underwing moths for a couple of weeks before going to Cape Breton. I didn't image any.

Showers forecast for tonight so I won't have the trap out... may or may not monitor the lights for a while.


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