Leser Aspen Webworm Moth [Meroptera pravella] 5787 June 12-13/18 Quispamsis ttrap

One I've only had once before.

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I've had a couple of Phycitine Moths...but just the usual. Have a bit more time now for the micros, since I'm not getting many macros.  Some warm weather is supposed to come next week.  Not much this morning after heavy rain and 4C.  

A few years back you would never have imaged that in 2018 you would be posting about "Phycitine Moths"; or even "macros" and "micros" !

Not sure if your comment was for Nancy or for me, Tony but you're certainly correct! I started at the end of July, 2015. I think Nancy started the year before. I am sure that both of us are, now, totally hooked on moths!!

 When I retired, I never dreamed I'd be hooked on Moths!!  I started in the spring of 2015 Joanne.  I think we both enjoy it more every year.  BIG difference with the trap.  No going out and getting hit by June bugs or getting up in the middle of the night, so the birds won't eat them in the morning.   

Less time between us starting than I thought, girl!  Agree, we're hooked!!


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