August 4, 2018

Fredericton area

Edit: American lappet moth - Phyllodesma americana

Catocala sp. of some sort.  I double checked Zales too, just in case. I don't know if I'm overlooking a colour variation of a species, or just missing a species altogether.

The venter colours/pattern and the coloured bars near the head don't seem to match anything (but I've been known to skip over pages....) in Wagner's Owlet Caterpillars of Eastern NA or on BugGuide.

No shot of the head unfortunately.

No host species to go by; found it stranded on a rock in a stream.  If it fell from overhead (but likely was washed downstream and landed on this rock) there was yellow birch, eastern hemlock, and eastern white pine.  

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I have no time to do a check right now but it reminds me of a Tolype perhaps laricis ??

Thanks Tony.  Bright coloured underside like this doesn't automatically make it Catocala sp.

I'll learn to stop latching on to things eventually.

American Lappet Moth 7687

Thanks Danny, just found it on BugGuide after Tony's suggestion.  

New species of biota for my property (#924). 

Thanks for the help Tony and Danny. :-) 

Congrats on a new species!!   I had more adults than usual this year.  Nice to see the caterpillar 

Thanks Nancy!  There has got to be at least a few 100 more species on the property, but my knowledge of fungus and lichens is non-existent; I just keep trying to rack up the numbers of things within my limited mental grasp. 

Spectacular cat! Great find, E!


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