Two forms of Lunate Zale.... looking like fresh 2nd. brood. These arrived within a few minutes of each other between wind gusts.

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Two beauties, Jo!! Continuing very quiet here with just a scattering of Acleris some nights, a couple of Bicolored Sallows and a nice fresh Bent-winged Owlet a couple of evenings ago. Much too windy here for moths last night and again tonight.

Thanks, Stu! Wind has been strong for a bit now, actually it seems this has been a year with more wind than usual. We, in Quispamsis, got very little rain from this weather system although the past couple of hours have been quite wet. Think temps are going to take an abrupt drop.  The Lunate Zales might represent the last of the moths I'll see this year.

Moncton had a gust to 88 kph this afternoon. I read that some parts of sw NB have had over 150 mm of rain. Just a couple of showers here.


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