These seemed to be easy to find ( just a mild headache lol )...only two are found in NB.

I checked CNC for the others and they are not listed.  Haven't checked the Annotated list yet. 

Corrections welcomed :)

1.Eucosma ochroterminana - Buff-tipped Eucosma - Hodges#2929

 CNC has it listed for NB and MPG has a dot.

2. Rolandylis maiana - Kearfott's Rolandylis Moth - Hodges#3837 


3. Cochylis hospes - Banded Sunflower Moth - Hodges#3777

4. Unknown  ...thank you Stuart and Tony...thought it might be 2765 

5. Unknown...thanks Stuart and Tony!!  thought it might be Celypha cespitana - Celypha Moth - Hodges#2859

6. Eucosma tomonana - Aster-head Eucosma Moth - Hodges#2936..MFG has it in NB

dorsal view

Tags: 2018, 4-5, Aster-head, Aug, Banded, Buff-tipped, Eucosma, Kearfott's, Moth, Quarryville, More…Rolandylis, Sunflower, hospes -, maiana -, ochroterminana -, tomonana -,  Cochylis

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Had to click 'like'... Iove them, Girl!! WTG, well done and great images. Congrats on a bunch of wee beauties!!!

Tony, thank you!  Happy to nail at least three!! 

I have dorsal shots of the last two that I will add.  No lateral view of #4

Thanks a lot Joanne!  I wouldn't have attempted these a couple of yrs. ago....

Great images for these.
1, 2, 3 lool OK for IDs
4,5. 6 are not so OK; don't know what they are!

Wonderful images, Nancy! I get your #4 regularly in late summer every year and am convinced it is an Olethreutes but not at all sure what species. Even Jason Dombrowski won't hazard a guess. Your #5 is also familiar to me but it's ID isn't. LOL. I think your ID for #6 is correct. I get a few every summer.

So we will scratch #4 and 5 !  lol

Stuart and's so time consuming to check them out, and I really appreciate your input. 

#5 has a couple that are very similar....I really studied it closely.  

I posted it on Moths of Eastern USA to see if anyone is familiar with it. 

I don't know what is going on lately, but had another bunch of micros this morning too!  One is a fancy twirler, can't wait to check it out later when I have the time.  Have to put most on ice for 3-5 min. and they still walk around on the graph paper.  lol

Will put dorsal and lateral views up, much easier to have both to id

I admit not to looking too closely at #6 last night. I  remembered then that  that Eucosma is a tough genus and there are a couple of look-alikes with those dorsal markings such as 3116 and its variations and 3203

But 2936 does look at good match.


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