EDIT: 10005 Feralia jocosa The Joker, melanic.

Different enough to be submitted as a test.

ID ??

[ why are my images being shown above the text when I place them after the text ??]

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You must be joking? :)

I saw a very similar moth submitted for ID to iNaturalist which had been photographed at Fundy National Park on May 3 of this year. I spent some time trying to ID it when it was first submitted but gave up. I see that it still hasn't been ID'd (see HERE). 

Your submission here has prompted me to spend some more time searching. Followed a hunch and found it quite quickly this time.

What is it, Stu?

I know the species!

Quite different from the 'normal' morph and nowhere as common.

Thought it might be a challenge for 'newbies' (i.e., people who have < 50 years of moth ID'ing)

Tony, I didn't mean to imply that you didn't know what it was and I thought it was clear from your posting that you did know what it was and were posting it as a test for the rest of us. I'm glad you did post it as it sent me back into search mode after giving up on the one posted from Fundy National Park.

Joanne, there is a very good clue to the identity in the first line of my original comment above ("You must be joking?").

I must admit that I missed your cryptic hint to an ID.

I certainly missed that cryptic hint as well, Tony.

Gotcha Stu....duh!

I'm just getting on here now...busy day away today.  This is soooo beautiful.  I will join Joanne in searching for it ...but not till morning.  Has my interest up!!  :)

see the EDIT beneath the image; or decode Stuart's "You must be Joking"

Stu's cryptic hint went totally over my head at first!

Sure looks like the Feralia major.  

No joking around...lol


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