Wishing all you Moffers out there a Safe, Healthy Christmas  and a Happy New Year!

Hoping 2018 brings a few new Moths to the area...:)

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and to you and family, Nancy

(moth trap should get some new-to-you early in the season)

[i have added some of your moth images with my genital dissections of your moths to MPG with acknowledgement (©); should be on the site later in the week - JoAnne's too]

I'll second that, Nancy!

Third! And I also have a birthday on the 25th, so that's added value! That's why my parents named me Chris. I was myself a Christmas present.

All the best to everyone!

Happy Birthday, CHRIS [tmas] guy!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Mothing in 2018 to one and all.

And a Happy Birthday to you, Chris!


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