EDIT: not 3251, genitalia (and moth) are almost certainly a Catastega sp.

closest match is C. aceriella but genitalia sufficiently different to make this an undescribed speciies.

[Not sure about this, going with:

0996753251Pseudexentera spoliana Bare-patched Leafroller Moth]

May 21 2016 Quarryville

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New ID

Almost missed this one!!  I thought I commented on the original post.  I remember seeing it :)

 Darn it, must be frustrating for you Tony.  So much work goes into each one.

I don't regret putting the jpg # on them, now.  

Wonderful image!!

Needs a serious rethink.

I just dissected a Pseudexenterea, your moth is not in that genus!

Thank you for the update Tony....perhaps it is something new.  


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