Needed help with this one.  Tony, Danny and Stuart helped with the ID...I will ask for help more often Thank you all very much.

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Hmmmmm. Interesting. I'll see what I can find. 

Wow! It's a beauty...will try to find time to look for it.

It might the Straw Besma...6884

Might just be 6884, Nancy.

It's even too hot here to image moths... had a, new to me, female Dimorphic Snout 8443 which flew the coop before I got an image Darn!

close, my guess 6885 Besma quercivoraria

Had considered it as well's darker.  BG says at times a dissection is needed.  At least I think I read that for this

i've been taking all my pics indoors for the last week Joanne...I use a circular flash on the camera lens.  Takes  getting used to after shooting them all outside, without a flash.

Darn it, a pretty snout that one!!...I get the female but have never had the male

I agree that it is shaped like Besma but I don't see any other similarities. My searching has turned up nothing yet. Maybe we need some help from Tony or from 'Moths of the Eastern US'? Meanwhile I'll keep looking. 

Posted on FB Stuart...they thought the Oak right off, although not far

Is a 6885 ruled out ?

#5and #7 in 2nd and 3rd row........

Everyone seems to be leaning towards 6885 Danny...that 2nd and 3rd row is darn close.  I didn't scroll down that far...


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