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1.  Still no ID for this one.  I posted it on Moths of Eastern USA and they considered the same moths and didn't reach a solution either.  I have it on the back of mind when searching for others, perhaps I'll stumble on it then. 

2. Pseudorthodes vecors - Small Brown Quaker - Hodges#10578

3. Enargia infumata - Smoked Sallow - Hodges#9550   ID by Tony...thank you (thought it was a Sunira)

July 16th 2018  Not as worn

4. Pima albiplagiatella - White-edged Pima Moth - Hodges#5747...ID by Tony. (see discussion)

Tags: -, 2018, 5-7, Brown, Enargia, July, Moth, Pima, Pseudorthodes, Quaker, More…Quarryville, Sallow, Small, Smoked, White-edged, albiplagiatella, infumata, vecors

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Nancy, might you suggest Rick not chuckle and help on occasion? Yup, difficult ids and God bless Tony!!

Haha...that sounds like my kind of idea, Joanne!! 


Thanks so much Gail! :)

Terrific shots Nancy!


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