Not much for the past week. Here are a few new ones for the Quarryville Trap Aug. 4-5, 2017

A very slow week.  Did have the S.kalmiae (Laurel) on 3 nights, but probably the same one returning.  It was fresh. The pretty little Goldenrod Flower Moth finally made a return visit.  Only had it the once last yr. Came 4 days later this yr.  That is so COOL!!   There seem to be many Gypsy Moths and Black Rimmed Prominents. Only had one Gypsy Moth since I've started Moffing.  Interesting how the species numbers change.

1. Eucosma ochroterminana - Buff-tipped Eucosma - Hodges#2929 not as clear as I would didn't sit for long.

2. Autographa bimaculata - Two-spotted Looper - Hodges#8911 I thought I had this one, but I guess not.

3. Protodeltote muscosula - Large Mossy Lithacodia - Hodges#9047   I couldn't see the green till I looked through my lens.  It is a bit worn, but the ID points are visible.  At first I thought it was the small one.

4. Apamea contradicta - Northern Banded Quaker - Hodges#9394  ID correction by Tony.  Thought it was Eupsilia vinulenta - Straight-toothed Sallow - Hodges#9933  Wasn't sure about this one.

Comment and Corrections welcome.  :)

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#4 is a real prize:

Apamea contradicta

mostly a far-northern species.

9394, Tony? Must be a real prize as I can't find other than pinned images.

That's FANTASTIC Tony!!!  I almost didn't collect it, thinking I had it before. (happens a

I would never have matched it with a pinned speciman.  Thank-you so much :)  I'll submit to BG. 

Thanks a lot Joanne and Imelda!  :)

Think you mean Nancy, Imelda.

I was reading your reply and had you on my mind.

Very nice collection Nancy!

Great shots, Nancy, of some very nice moths! The Buff-tipped Eucosma (Phaneta) is very common at our lights but the others are very scarce here and of course that Apamea contradicta, as Tony says, is a real gem! Like Joanne, I can't find ANY images of live specimens. It has to be among your best finds of the year! Congratulations.

Thanks very much, Stuart!!  Your comments are always so uplifting!..:)

What a surprise to find it's a rare one!!  Don't mind getting the wrong ID  Also encourages me to collect the Moths I'm not sure of.

When I look back on the yr. so's been very slow, but I've been very lucky to get some special visitors.  Especially since using the trap.


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