Hopefully I have the right ID for this one.  Haven't had it before.  I thought it was 8977 The Grey Midget, at first. 

Had over 20 Moths last night and most stuck around all day today.  A beautiful Zale, some colorful CCarpets and a variety of others.

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Nice to hear re all your moths, Nancy.... I'm getting nothing except familiar micros [and very few of those].

Wow, Nancy, I am really envious of all your moths but delighted to know that at least you are getting some. I was really optimistic that last night would be good here after a warm day with temps in the upper teens. Unfortunately the temperature plummeted after sunset and I only had three Agonopterix drop by. Today was also promising earlier but by mid-afternoon it became cool and windy. I'm not expecting anything this evening.

Very nice photo of the Nycteola. I wish I could offer advice but I am totally confused on how to separate Frigid Owlet 8975 from Grey Midget 8977. I've had several over the past couple of years and am never sure which I have. That is the case with the one below which I photographed here two weeks ago (29 APR 2017). I think we need Tony's help with these. Looking again at images at MPG and BugGuide I'm inclined to agree with your ID but I'm not at all sure which I have.

I'm wondering if both aren't 8977. Seems like a tough call to me though.

Another "Tricky"  Nycteola....looks more like yours Stuart.

Both species are variable enough to make a positive ID impossible. In such cases one cannot trust either MPG or BG that they have all their specimens correctly ID'd.

Apparently, genitalia are different; and that is where I would put my faith.

Either way, both images are great.

I had 9 species last night, nothing special except for 3  nice micros.

(Nancy: if your moth container has a clear base then put the graph paper outside underneath. When the moth settles down simply rotate the paper to line up the squares in non-diagonal lines)

[EDIT: was meant as a general reply, not specific to JS]

I should of moved the Moth or the graph paper, Tony...I thought of it afterwards. The container is not clear and I think I'm out of practice :)

Well, it's good to know this information about both species.  My Moth didn't seem to have the right shape, (I had just taken it from the refrigerator) which prevented me from looking at the Nycteola.  Stuart's moth is the right shape and wonderful on a black background! :) 

Thank-you all for your input!!  So Nice to get back to the Group.


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