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Another Catocala....lovely shots Joanne. 

Haven't had any yet.  Very late for me this year.   

Last night was pretty good (despite the rain) for Micro's...tiny ones.  Will be tricky to shoot.  

Thanks, Nancy! Haven't had a chance to image those moths from the trap yet.

A beauty, Jo! Haven't had the pleasure of seeing this one yet. I really get very few underwings here at my lights. I did have either Charming or Hawthorn a few nights ago and my first-ever Sweetfern this evening.

Thanks, Stu! Congrats on the Sweetfern, I've not had that one yet.

I saw Hawthorn at bait last evening but failed to capture it for imaging.

I'm feeling left out!!  lol

Congrats on the Sweetfern Stuart!!

Nancy, is there an all-night gas station at the corner of Renous Road? If there is, and even if not 'all night' and they have mercury vapour lights burning all night you should find many Catocala there in the am before sunrise.

I got most of my Catocola from the MV lights at the local Brookside Mall; and Henry Hensel in Edmunston got just about every species in numbers from the MV lights surrounding the Edmunston School

Yes, just past the on ramp to Hwy 8!! 

That didn't occur to me....will have to investigate.  Thank you Tony!!  :) :)


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