I observed numerous, maybe hundreds, of these 7mm (TL) moths flitting around the raised and dry sphagnum bog at Tower Lake, 20 July 2018. I captured the one pictured below in a baggy, but by the time I got to it, it had expired. Subsequent processing resulted in missing antennae and a battered look (my specialty). A discussion at BugGuide led to the probable id as:

CRAMBIDAE Acentropinae: Acentria ephemerella - 5299 Water Veneer

This moth is a non-native species, and is the only species of this genus in N America. It is a male, as the females are flightless and aquatic. (There is a small wetland nearby.)

MPG shows a dot at extreme northern NB (our friend Richard?), my pics are the first for BG, and AME does not have a listing. (I'm saving this specimen for the Museum.)

The edge of the Tower Lake bog

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Nice find and info to go with it Chris. Interesting the females are wingless and aquatic. Nature never ceases to amaze.

WTG Chris!!  

Interesting find, Chris!! Pohl et. als. (2018) do not list it for any of the Maritime Provinces. I'm anxious to get into a bog to look for these!

Thank you, Jimmy, Nancy and Stuart. Stu, you may have posted Pohl et al. 2018 but I must have missed it. Could you provide a link? The AME list from the museum is now 8 years out of date, and I'm not sure of the status of the Jim Edsall list, so something recent will be valuable.

Found it!! It's downloadable as a pdf!


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