Also had Saddled Prominent, Common Gluphisia, Red-washed Prominent, Cecropia Moth, 2 Blinded Sphinx, Hitched Arches, Fluid Arches and the usual wee one awaiting id.

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 6828 – Metarranthis homuraria – Purplish Metarranthis Moth  looks very close too...Its listed in NB in CNC

Looks like a Metarranthis, Jo. I have a lot of trouble with these so can't help with species other than 6825, 6826 or 6827.  :)

Like Nancy's dilemma, I have looked at suggestions over and over. Again 6 of one, half a dozen of the other. This will be edited to Metarranthis sp. [6825,6826, 6827 or 6828].

Thanks for your help, Stu and Nancy, I appreciate you both so very, very much!!


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