Robin's Carpenterworm [Prionoxystus robiniae] 2693 July 2-3/18 Quispamsis trap

Tony posted this one yesterday, I am thrilled to have found it in the trap. This image shows a bit of the colour of it's short hindwing [deep yellow with black edge].  This indicates a male as does it's smaller size range of 35mm.   New!                 

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Beautiful, your male better behaved in the trap (no wing damage) than mine. Lost a few scales from top of thorax

Thank you, Tony! I think the trap was pretty rowdy with 1 each of Small-eyed and Twin-spotted Sphinx as well as the Carpenterworm.

Haven't come across one of these. A rugged looking individual Joanne; and a nice shot.

Thanks, Danny! Rugged looking he was, the female would have been even larger with gray underwings

WOO HOO!!!  SO happy for you Joanne!  Perhaps there is hope I many get it too...Fabulous shot, CONGRATS!!!!

Thank you, Nancy!! No prob with id for this one, for sure. I was so very surprised and delighted to see it!!

Also had 9 old friends in the trap this morning: Bent-winged Owlet, Small-eyed Sphinx, Twin-spotted Sphinx, Striped Chocolate-tip Prominent, The Brother, Green Leuconycta, Early Button Slug Moth, Small Phoenix and another handful and a half of others.

A beautiful image, Jo, and a great moth! Congratulations on the lifer.

Thank you, Stu!

WOW, Jo.  Superior image!  Love all things Black & White.  Such a lovely combo!

Thanks, Gail!


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