Pink-striped Oakworm Moth [Anisota virginiensis] 7723 July 4/18 Quispamsis outside lights

New!! Image taken under artificial light so it can be released now.

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WOWSERS!!  I'm sure this made your day!!  CONGRATULATIONS!!! 

In your excitement, you typed Silver in the title...woo hoo!!! 

Thanks, Nancy!! Excited? YES!! I know where the silver came from: I'd just had a Silver-spotted Fern Moth [FOS]. I knew what the Oakworm was at first glance; I've looked at it sooo many times.

What a beauty, Jo!! I'm green with envy over this one. Congratulations on another spectacular lifer.

im still reeling from all the moth action last night. It may have been the busiest night I've ever had at my lights and I took WAY too many photos that will take a week to wade through. LOL. A few dozen Spruce Budworm Moths appeared out of nowhere around 10:30pm and made it seem all that more busy but there really was an amazing variety of moths to start with. I would dare say there were 100 species during the time I was out from 10pm to 2:30am. I photographed a few micros that are unfamiliar but am not sure I'll be able to put a name on any of them. Might have a new macro or two also once I review my images. 

Thanks,Stu! Hope you get some new ones. I'm taking a brief 'mothcation'... going to GMI on Sat  morning.. return Sunday evening on the last ferry. I'll be busy tomorrow so no time to image and id.

Another image of this big lady:


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