A selection of the more uncommon moths photographed in our yard in Cormierville (Cocagne), Kent County, during the period July 24-31, 2017 (precise date on each photo).

1. Serrated Eulithis Moth Eulithis serrataria 910044 / 7208. I've had several of these beauties over the past two weeks. I posted one at the end of July last year which seems to be the only other one here at BNB. Garnet and gold were my school colours!

2. Visitation Moth Dyspyralis illocata 930669 / 8426. A bit worn but I'm pretty sure of the ID. Corrections welcome. I posted one here on BNB last year on July 24th (see HERE) which I believe may have been the first record for NB.

3. Clandestine Dart Moth Spaelotis clandestina 933554 / 10926. New for the yard.

4. Hanham's Owlet Moth Phalaenostola hanhami 930515 / 8365. I've had several of these appear over the past ten days.

5. Bicolored Moth Manulea bicolor 930217 / 8043. I had noticed this species many times at MPG but didn't realize it occurred in NB. Lots of dots for NB at MPG but this seems to be a first for BNB.

6. Square-patched Carpet Moth Perizoma basaliata 910159 / 7316. Photographed at the house on July 30th. A tiny carpet about the same size at Small Rivulet. The only other BNB record is one I posted from August 5, 2015. Seems to be rarely photographed (I had a different individual a couple of nights ago which I'll post separately).

7. Maple-basswood Leafroller Moth Cenopis pettitana 620417 / 3725. I've had a couple of very worn possible candidates in the past but this one is fresh and ID seems unquestionable. New for the yard.

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Too bad there's no spot to check 'Love it' rather than 'Like it'... pls send 'em all my way, Stu!! What a fantastic group!!

Thanks very much, Jo! I'm sure they will all visit you sooner or later. 

It never really warmed up here today (max 15C) and it's going down to 8C tonight so not expecting much moth action.

13.5 C here at present... hope for something in the trap come morning. In the meantime, have had a full day so heading for bed.

1 Putnam's Looper and another moth in trap this morning.

Stood at the lights for 90 minutes: Master's Dart, Gray Spruce Looper, several each of White-banded Toothed Carpet and Red Twin-spot, Sigmoid Prominent, Lucerne Moth, several Flame-shouldered Darts and Bristly Cutworms, Exhausted Brocade, Leucania sp., a bunch of unidentified cochylids and various other micros. More than I was expecting but still very slow compared to last week.

I didn't do lights last night.. retired early, as I will again tonight. Want to be rested for the drive to Baddeck, Cape Breton.

Seems I wasn't quite awake this morning.... of course, that would have been Putnam's Dart!!

I think your mind is on Cape Breton, Joanne!  lol

How'd you guess, Nancy?

BTW, folks... the 'Putnam's Looper' was an error yesterday related to my mind being occupied with my 'to do list'... the Putnam's Dart was on purpose after I realized my mistake.... The actual moth in the trap was an Ipsilon Dart.

Will watch for moths while in Cape Breton.

WOW...a great and very interesting assortment!!!  Eulithis serrataria is gorgeous and Phalaenostola hanhami is very attractive too!!  I get lots of Bicolored Lichens, but have never posted one.

Congrats on your new yard species Stuart...Fantastic images!!

I went back through my images and had the Clandestine Sept.18th 2015 and didn't post it.  Had SO many Moths that first yr.!!

Thanks very much, Nancy. Interesting to hear that you get the Bicolored Moth regularly. 

Nice Clandestine Dart!!


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