The numbers are up and down, depending on the weather since Friday morning.  Best morning was yesterday.  Hardly any today. 

1.Sideridis con Sgermana - The German Cousin - Hodges#10266  Friday June 8, 2018

2. Hydriomena renunciata - Renounced Hydriomena - Hodges#7236  June 8, 2018  never sure about  these...

3. Sideridis rosea - Rosewing - Hodges#10265...this one stood out .  Sunday June 10, 2018

4. Spilosoma dubia - Dubious Tiger Moth - Hodges#8136...June 10, 2018  Wasn't so sure if I had this one or not.  I checked the abdomen was orange with black spots and front legs had some orange.

5. Hemaris thysbe - Hummingbird Clearwing - Hodges#7853  We had 4 of these beauties, flying around our Lilac tree on Sunday June 10, 2018.   First time I've had the opportunity to photograph one.

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Very nice image and moths, Nancy. Quiet here last evening/night as well. Did have a Modest Sphinx and have 3 chilling.

Charming collection of moths Nancy.......fantastic shots!

Thanks Gail!!  


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