No ideas.  

If memory serves, it was on the side of a truck in the Fredericton area.

Submitted to iNaturalist a week+ ago and no bites yet.

Taken May 21, 2017.

**Edit:**  Spoiler alert - ID found here:

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Some moths are specific in their habitat requirements. Knowing the make and model of the truck might help narrow it down.

Ford Ranger.  So it must be related to the Detritus moth (Opogona omoscopa).

I kid.  It's serving me well.

What a sharp-looking little fellow (or lady). Look forward to looking for a match when I find time. Doesn't immediately ring any bells but maybe we can get close. I hadn't noticed it at iNaturalist. Did you submit to BugGuide? Thanks for posting.

Just did.  Thanks for my other un-IDed iNat post. 

No idea how you find some of these.

Agree with Stu re how distinctive this critter looks, E. I'm following this discussion with interest and anticipation of an ID.

Good luck 'E'!!  There are many that can't be IDed.  Hopefully this isn't one of them

For anyone interested someone IDed it at BugGuide.  A first on BG for NB.

I won't post the name so those interested in tracking it down themselves can.

I would have been on this thing for years I'm sure.

Great to get the answer! I was getting closer with my search...was working downward from 1766 on MPG, stopped for a bit with plans to continue this evening.

That's awesome!!  It's gratifying after looking for so long.  I find 'Moths of the Eastern United States' very helpful when stuck.  It's a FB Group.  

Thanks Nancy.  I checked it out briefly and recognized a fair amount of posters from iNat and BugGuide.  Nice to see the face that goes with the name sometimes.  

I just wanted to say that I agree completely with Nancy's endorsement of the "Moths of the Eastern United States" Facebook group. A very active group with lots of regional expertise and, despite the group's name and the group's guidelines that list the states covered by the group, the moderator actively encourages postings from eastern Canada.

Yes, I passed right over that species a couple of times. I'm glad someone was alert enough to put a name on it. Great find, E!!


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