1,  Morrisonia latex - Fluid Arches - Hodges#10291.  Have been wanting this since Joanne got it on June 7th 

2.  Xestia praevia - Praevia Dart - Hodges#10968.1    However, it was such a light color I didn't recognise it at first.  Under Tony's direction I did a rethink...:)  It is Aplectoides condita - Quivering Dart Moth - Hodges#10999  A new one for me!!  Yay :)

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much too early for 10968.1

If you don't have time to rethink I will give the ID tomorrow.

I have time Tony.  Thank you ...It sure reminds me of it and it was the same size.  

Can Nancy just take the '.1' away?

I've spent a lot of time looking and may have found it. Had I posted it I would probably have ID'd it as Nancy or Jo have but Tony has made us look more critically. My best guess now would be to add '30.9'.

Aplectoides condita - Quivering Dart Moth - Hodges#10999 ??  Holding my breath...lol

Think Stu and Nancy have it now!!

WOW, Nancy!!

Haha!!  Lots of fun, Joanne!! 

Couldn't wait to finish my wine after dinner, to walk through the plates.. 

Sure hope 10999 visits here!!

Amazing Nancy......you land the beauties.  Fantastic images too!

Thanks a lot Gail...having fun with us figuring out ID's...

And Joanne....I'm hoping for The Laughter... :)

Congratulations, Nancy!! I had the feeling that I had seen this species before so went searching for the record. Turns out I haven't seen it but was involved in the ID of a very similar individual posted HERE by Ken Macintosh almost exactly two years ago.


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