If my id is correct, it is a new moth for me.

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Sure looks good to me, Jo, and one I've long wanted to see but haven't yet. Congratulations!! Way too cold for any moths here last night.

Thanks, Stu! At first glance, when I took it out of the trap, my thought was 'Another American Ear Moth'. When I really looked at it, I could tell it was something else.

That orange streak down the center of the thorax clinches it.

Thanks, Tony! That orange streak is the reason I knew it was not an American Ear Moth and made me look for proper id.

Looks Bang on Joanne!!  Don't have that one.  Congratulations...new for BNB it would appear.

Thanks, Nancy... sure was a thrill to realize what it was!

This, by the way. was my 454th moth.


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