In trap 29iv17 am, Fredericton; note how quickly the green fades to brown (wing tips)

Just 2 moths, this one and Acleris semiannula.

Also 1 Dung Fly and 1 large orange Ichneumonid Wasp (Ophion sp.?).

I was expecting a lot more moths, where are they?

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It's a beaut of a species; your image does it justice, Tony!

Wonderful Tony!!  I had the Joker on May 5th.  The only night I had my black light on.  I had maybe 8 or 10 moths the next morning, in and around the big wooden bench.  All were familiar but one.  One was a lithophane, 2 micros and the rest were a good variety.  I didn't have time to shoot many.  The Joker is so pretty that I couldn't resist taking a picture...:)

I've had some familiar micros and 1 Sharp-angled Carpet at my front light in recent days. Don't have my black light set up yet.... waiting until I get back from Quebec; well that and for the rain to stop.

I made up some bait and have the black light out there, but so much rain and I'm busier this week with my parents. Planning on just shooting 'new' ones this yr...Hoping it's a GOOD Moth Year.


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