Fredericton, evening/night of April 22 2016

After a hot sunny day I was expecting a good moth 'catch'. Was not disappointed.

The Joker RWH 10005 Feralia jocosa was the commonest species - about a dozen.

I got 3 forms, in the past I have seen only 2 forms - the so-called 'normal' pale green form (the commonest), the dark melanic form (reasonable common) and the rare tawny-brown form (the 1st for me).

In the plate I used the pale green specimen from April 21, the other 2 are from April 22.

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Brilliant! I've yet to see this species so will be happy with any form. I recently saw a collage of about 100 jocosa photographed in the Catskill Mtns. near Hancock, NY, by Eric Curtis Cummings in April and early May, 2014. Variation in colours and pattern was astounding. If you're into Facebook you can see the poster by going to the Facebook group "Moths of the Eastern United States" and do a search for 'Joker'.

Neat. I have only ever seen the common green variation.

Very nice indeed!

FANTASTIC!!  I remember very well, getting the green form last year and was so excited.  Didn't know about the others..


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