Two Crambids and one very pretty Pyraustine in the Quarryville Trap Aug. 8-9 2017

I still have a few to ID and others cooling, but thought I'd get these out of the way today.

1. Pyrausta orphisalis - Orange Mint Moth - Hodges#5058 Totally thrilled to finally get this one.  Was afraid it would fly away if I tickled the wings.

2. Parapoynx allionealis – Watermilfoil Leafcutter Moth -

worn, but I think my ID is OK

3. Parapoynx badiusalis - Chestnut-marked Pondweed Moth - Hodges#4761...Joanne's Specialty..very kind of her to send it my way!! :)

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Lovely group and images, Nancy! Now, if you'd be so kind to send #s 1 and 2 my way......

Thank-you Joanne...I do owe you a couple!!  Enjoy Cape Breton!! :)

Hi Nancy, wonderful images and moths!

I wasn't able to access some of my photos for a while now because of technical difficulties, but now I can and I remembered taking a photo of a little moth in my yard that looks a lot like #1 the Orange Mint Moth 5058.  I'm gonna share the photo with you to see what you think. The clover it's on is one of the small kind.

I took the photo in June.

That sure looks like it Imelda!!  Wish mine would of opened it's wings like this one.  What a gorgeous moth eh? Great capture.

I was wishing that mine was as fresh as yours, lol. 

Three beauties, Nancy! Excellent images also. 

Thanks so much Stuart! :)


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