At first glance this morning it didn't look promising.  We had frost and it was very windy.  Was surprised to find around 15 in the trap and the bench provided a hiding place for around 10 more.  I was very pleased.  I didn't check the bench yesterday!  I photographed around 6 today and ended up with these 2 that everyone else has had, but me.  

10996 – Cerastis salicarum – Willow Dart Moth

 9933 – Eupsilia vinulenta – Straight-Toothed Sallow Moth

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WTG, Nancy!!

It's a start...thanks Joanne!

No moths from anyone today?

Today being night of May16/17 2018.

I just had 2: Venusia comptaria, Mythimna unipuncta

That darned old White Speck has been noted at my front light too.

Congrats Nancy on new to you moths!

Thanks Gail!! 

I had zero in the trap on Fri. morning Joanne and there were around 8-10 in it this morning....mostly the Willow Dart.  Oh...I was pleased to have my first Xylena...The Dot and Dash Swordgrass.  

I'm missing the moths so am glad you guys aren't getting multiples of lovely things while I'm not home.... of course, I'm sure it's out of consideration for a missing member of the group... :}! The outside lights here do not attract moths.



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