Full moon, light SW wind and 14C at 9pm. Just did a check of the back and front door lights. One moth at each light. At the front door was this Treble-bar Aplocera plagiata 910468 / 7627. A new species for me. A European species introduced into North America in British Columbia (1976) and the Ottawa area (1980's) as a control for St. Johnswort.

Martin may have had the first record for NB in 2015 and Nancy had one last year.

At the back door light was a vagrant from the tropics - Variable Narrow-wing Magusa divaricata  932282 / 9637.1. It seems that small numbers wander north annually as far as s. Canada. I had two different individuals last summer on August 19 and 20.

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WTG,  Stu!! 

Thanks, Jo. Sure is quiet at the lights these days.....


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