August 7th Astle

Confirmation or correction is appreciated?

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Looks OK to me, Imelda.

I've got my trap set to go for tonight... seems the rain is over so have one more chance for a 'kick at the moth can' for a week.

Thanks Joanne!

Hope you capture something fantastic!

I pick up my computer tomorrow,,,,, Yahoo! 

One i've never had either... hopefully 'YET'!

Oh boy, Imelda! A computer will make your life easier!!

Looks good to me too, Imelda! Nice image and a moth I've never seen.

Thanks Stuart!

The picture in the guide didn't help much, but I figured it was a Prominent so I searched MPG and BG until I found it.

Hope one finds you!

It is really irritating not to have a fully functioning computer. I have my phone, but there is lots it doesn't do. Who likes looking at photographs on such a small screen.  My tablet is tucked away for backup and traveling. I hear there is lots you can't do on it either. I'm sure you're very excited about a new one, Imelda.

I personally found if very difficult to distinguish 7778 from 7779 and the only reason I went with 7778 for mine, was the size.  I read on BG that the pm line in 7779 is different and  has 2 concave sections.  I hadn't read about that before.  Looks like we both picked the right  Great shot :)

Wow, great image Nancy,,,,,, yes I think we got this one.  I too had a difficult time with the I'd, but it's kinda like figuring out a puzzle and it feels good to finally get it right.

Thanks Imelda...yes PUZZLES  lol  Very challenging at times...probably one of the reasons why we enjoy it, aside from the beauty of them :)

I'm amazed over and over again at how intricate some of the designs are and also, I never realized how much color there was in the moth world.
It's interesting.


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