I found this critter (hover for spoiler) flying around the house last night.  Must have come in on some of our firewood.

I've got cabin fever (probably not the right term) bad this year. 

Looking forward to finding some new-to-me beetles. 

The sooner we get this season wrapped up, the better.

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You 'beggar'! You're starting to 'tick' me off. LOL  Yeah, winter just won't release it's grip. I'm so anxious to photograph something besides 'snow fleas' and winter fireflies. 


Luv the 'Die Winter' Voodo Snowman doll!!

Reminds me of three years ago ... I was getting 'cabin fever' and discovered a dead fly in February on the dash of my car next to the windshield. We had a great discussion on that one and it turned out to be quite interesting. Soooooo if any of you get desperate .... can always find some goodies there!

Ah, the excitement of a dead fly!  

Cabin fever and winter blues don't seem to quite capture the feeling of "when, oh when, is it going to be spring".  I was sure I would find a German word for it, but I couldn't find anything fitting. 

Suggest your moth is: Brown-collared Agonopterix hodges # 0864... pg 46 - 47 Peterson Guide.


Also getting anxious for something other than releasing Asian Lady Beetles from the laundry room. This is the only place I see them in the house... choose warmer days to release 'em.

Done with snow/cold......... can't wait for warmer weather, moths, spring birds and plants!!! 

You could crawl up into your attic and look for western conifer seed bugs twixt the layers of insulation!  There could be a whole ecosystem sleeping away up there!

I'm feeling inspired.

Feel free to be inspired! I'll skip the exercize.... do not like small spaces plus there might be spiders... [they are not among those critters I enjoy].

We have a very healthy population of sowbugs in the basement so I can always go there if I need an Arthropod fix. 

What a lucky find...and seems to create a lot of much needed excitement !!  LOL

I agree with Joanne's ID, I don't have my field guide with me but I trust her! 


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