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Perhaps a little light reading and dragonfly dreaming is in order to start off the week?

"One of our most common clubtails in the Canadian Maritimes, the Lancet Clubtail (Gomphe exilé- Gomphus exilis) can be the most abundant species along some marshy edged ponds and smaller streams. The adult measures between 39- 48 mm.

The species gets its name from the male’s lancet-shaped cerci (upper claspers). When disturbed, the male may perform a series of U-shaped aerial manoeuvres some 3 m above the ground.

The Lancet Clubtail is marshy pond, lake, stream and river species. It can be seen perched on rocks along water bodies and running water, particularly those with a soft bottom; also, it is often seen perched on open ground or on rocks a considerable distance from water, such as along woodland dirt roads. Here in New Brunswick, Canada, it flies from late May to late August. I can't wait to see the first ones this year!"

Map showing locations for Lancet Clubtail

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Great way to start the week Denis! I also can hardly wait for these fascinating creatures to appear. There are plenty of ode species I have never seen. Here is a Lancet Clubtail emerging on May 29th last year (2013). How a critter in your image above can crawl out of the water and emerge from this shell ... the folded wings spread and off it flies ...amazing. Tony showed me where to find these close to home.

Brilliant, Jimmy!! I just love that.

They were emerging in really good numbers at Wolfe Lake in Fundy NP on June 6th of last year, for those who might like to witness this firsthand as well. We should be in the midst of the Nature NB annual general meeting at that time this year, which is coincidentally taking place at Fundy NP in 2014, so it will hopefully something we will get to share with many nature enthusiasts in about a month and a half!

Love that photo Jim. Good to know the info for FNP with AGM coming up. Sorry to have missed you yesterday. Too many good finds so was 15 min. behind your group.

Anne, sorry we missed you. There was a lot moving, especially in the ducks dept., so I hope you had a good day too.

Perhaps we will meet during our next proposed outing, somnething on warblers in mid to late May? Anyway, definitely looking forward to the AGM and more spring down here in Albert Co.

This winter has done its best to foil the Ode season ... but they will prevail soon and I can hardly wait!


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