Denis, Gilles, Stuart et al.

length of female: 37mm

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Depends on what you think they are. They look like Southern Pygmy Clubtail (Lanthus vernalis) to me based on pattern on the side of the thorax and abdomen and what little I can see of the front of the thorax. A dorsal photo showing the top of the abdomen and front of the thorax might help confirm but I can't think of anything else with a pattern like that.

if that is what they are, then great find.

Thanks Gilles, that is exactly what I think they are.

Maybe just the 2nd or 3rd NB locality (and specimens).

Congratulations, Tony!

Without looking at Gilles' comment first, I came to the same conclusion. Lanthus vernalis all the way. Wonderful find, Tony!

Excellent find, Tony. Congratulations. 

Thanks folks.

I recognized them as soon as they entered my fly trap but could hardly believe my luck at getting a male and female.

Spednic Lake PNA June 19 2018

Definately L. vernalis - a nice record, this species is still rare in Canada.

Super find Tony ... congrats on a great record for NB!

Great find Tony ! Congrats ! Looking for it myself in NS now that its here

Not as rare as I thought. Paul informs me: 10 sites for NB; 5 for NS.

Google map with records for NB. Have no info for NS.

Nice map, Jimmy. I had no idea there were that many records for NB and really shocked by the records up north.


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