Found one in the yard today. I was afraid the -8C temp last night may have done them in but this one survived. Yesterday I saw at least 6 in the same area.

There are some cold nights coming up so .... gulp :( .... this may be my last look at them for 2017 .... hopefully not!

Minto, Nov 9, 2017.

Autumn Meadowhawk

Sympetrum vicinum

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Nice photo Jimmy. Are Autumn Meadowhawks basically the only odes going these days? I'm only just beginning to try ode ID out.

Christopher, I believe so. Denis has seen a few different species up to a few days ago. But ... these guys are the last to survive before winter I think. I suppose there could be an exception but Denis or Gilles or Stu and a few others would know better than I. You just may have to continue your Ode ID next spring by the looks of the weather! Its a lot of fun.

WTG Jimmy!!  Had seen a couple along the Warwick Rd last week, on a mild day.  Tough little guys!  We are getting snow mixed with rain today...temps keep dropping

Thanks Nancy! Yikes it snowed here a bit today too ... more-so up your way I would imagine. I doubt the little guys can last another night but I will look tomorrow none the less. Will be -8 tonight and -1 is as good as it gets tomorrow, so the weatherman says.

Rain here for the most part this morning , Jimmy but that changed to snow by late morning. No accumulation but definitely big white flakes. I'm not ready for snow yet.

Nice find JD!  I think I will go to the gravel pit today to see if those meadowhawks are still down in there....quite protected from the wind.  We can hope that there are still some around.


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