I seem to find interesting stuff in the backyard.

Checked out the Larch Swale today, as well as the trail on the other side of the highway, then the area behind the Forestry Centre.  Saw just a few odes – white tail, an emerald, and a few bluets.  Went home and did some garden work then found this guy flitting about the garden.

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Have to love those backyards, Danny!! Beautiful images!

Thanks Joanne.  You and Stu are discussing the winds and moths.  I had to take over 2 dozen images, manually focused, to get these shots.  The wind was blowing the fir branches around so much I don't know how the cobra hung on.

!!  The 29.9 was a reading from the shaded north side of the house... windy here too, Danny.

It was a very windy day today...such excellent shots Danny!   I love finding stuff in the yard

You certainly have an impressive yard list Danny! Isn't that great. They are quite the photogenic little odes. Nice shots!

Thanks Nancy and JD

Nice shots Danny !

What a beast this ode is !

Thanks Derek.  I'm an ode novice; but I do find these cobras and skillets striking.

Wow,  good for you Danny!  Seems like we are hearing of  more folks finding neat critters showing up in their back yards this season.  Can't ask for anything better than that!  Splendid images of the cobras.....got to see them emerging last weekend.

Thanks Gail; now if I can just spot a skillet here again, and get some shots!

Skillet would be nice but setting your sights too low ... I'd go for a Seaside Dragonlet or maybe Turquoise Bluet. Watch out for the bears though!

I might just a little too far inland for those.  Just the little masked creatures and the striped lawn diggers around a lot lately.


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