Moncton - Riverview - I am not sure I stand to be  corected on this

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Funny I just researched this yesterday as someone on iNat called one the same. I found out that Common Blue Damselfly is a European species not found in North America. That much I'm pretty sure of. This next part I'm just speculating. Its probably either a Boreal, Northern or Vernal Bluet but need to see the cerci to tell which.

your wight  jimmy in the uk they call them common blue i was hopping Denis would have told me the right one because he has a Hagen's Bluet enallagma hageni not sure if  its right one,,, i check Denis List its a bluet for sure

Nice find Tom.  These guys are pretty tough to ID and like JD says you need to look at the cerci, so I always try to get a close up of that part of the Bluet as well.


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