I spent all of yesterday July 11 2018 at Spednic Lake PNA, just west of McAdam.

Perfect weather, full sun, no wind, high 20's.

Unfortunately almost NO insects.

Saw 1 butterfly - Dun Skipper

Caught 1 male Emerald Spreadwing and 1 female Slaty Skimmer in my tent (horsefly) trap (both released)

There were a few male Slaty's at the bridge at Digitty (?) Stream.

and that's all!

I expect the extreme heat of the last 10 days killed off the bugs.

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That’s not good news... I was down along the river today and saw a good number of bees and butterflies, as well as a few odes. I had visitors with me, so couldn’t do any serious sleuthing. Hoping the loss wasn’t too drastic..
Beautiful shots !!

Normally there are b'flies and Odes active on my property... I've noted an absence of activity lately.


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