Back on June 4th I had set camera on tripod and set it to automatically take an image every 30 seconds. It took the ode about 90 minutes from start to finish so the result is 172 images. I wanted to somehow put this into a video and couldn’t figure out how until now.

So the result is 90 minutes, 172 images compressed into 22 seconds. Actually it emerges very quickly. Its out of the shell in the first 2 seconds of the video!  About the 8 second mark I like how its abdomen elongates. So thats how they into that shell!. Most of the time I think is recovering from the experience.

The first part happens toooo fast in the video ... hmmm maybe I'll make another and try it over 40 seconds or so.

The quality isn't great. I should have used DSLR and macro instead of P&S. Anyhow its kinda cool I think. I did post an actual short video a week or so ago. This one is different and shows the whole process.

Youtube link if you care to take a peek - 22 second version -

Same video just longer ... 40 seconds -

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Fantastic Jimmy!!  I like the 40 sec. one better.  So amazing isn't it.  Great job! :)

Very nice !


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