Taken a short while ago at MacLaren Pond, Fundy National Park. There were 12+, along with several mated pairs seen simultaneously! These are almost certainly migrants from the south:

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YAY WTG Denis! Ode season begins May 19th! These ones are getting an early start to keep the population going. I've been keeping my eye out but have seen none yet. Thanks for posting! Puts a smile on my face :)

Woohoo, hooray, yippee, yahoo, woot woot, whoopee, to you Denis! 

I said to JD that someone would find an Ode this weekend if not before with all this hot weather, and he agreed!  Congratulations Denis........yes the GAME IS ON!  BRING ON THE 2017 ODES!

Thanks Jim and Gail! It is very exciting indeed :D It will be neat to see what is found next. This weekend could be an extra busy one in nature.

Fantastic Denis!!! I've been looking.. would love to see the Common Green Darner first!! Lol Wonderful shots... freezing here in The Blackville area.

WoW ! Great Pics Denis !

My first ode of season was Thurs May 18 th and was Eastern Forktail - Ischnura verticalis at same locale as the C.sexguttata.

Thought I saw a Whiteface - it was bigger than a damsel but I couldn't get to it !


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