I saw seven species of Odonata today at MacLaren Pond, Fundy National Park, and managed to photograph five. The Darners (Shadow and probably Lake) were just too busy and never did land, but there were at least six individual Aeshnas. The other five species, shown below in order, were Saffron-winged Meadowhawk (Sympetrum costiferum), Band-winged Meadowhawk (Sympetrum semicinctum), Spotted Spreadwing (Lestes congener), Familiar Bluet (Enallagma civile) and a teneral Chalk-fronted Corporal (Ladona julia), the latter of which was a real surprise, albeit not entirely a happy one. Also present in the area were Clouded Sulphur, American Lady, Red Admiral and MONARCH butterflies (just 1 Monarch, initially spotted by Neil Vinson, but several Ladies and one of each of the other species).

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Excellent images, Denis! It's amazing how late the fall is sticking around. I'm getting my snow tires on Monday, so that should finish all the good weather.

I've been having a problem with accessing the last few BNB messages. When I click on the URL to view them, it takes me to a Page Not Found page. The only way I could view your post was to sign in and navigate to the odes page. Anyone else experiencing this?

Chris, would you mind holding off on those snow tires for another month or two?

I'm experiencing the same problem as you with links in the email notifications leading to a "Page Not Found" page at BNB. That has been happening for the past couple of days. 

Nice finds and great images, Denis! Odonata are a group that I'm too chicken to get into. They look far too difficult.

This is just amazing, Denis!! Have you ever heard tell of a teneral 'skimmer' in October in NB?? Great photos - thanks so much for sharing.

Hi Stu,

I have not, I wonder if anyone else has ever had this happen? I know Richard Yank in Quebec and Larry de March in Manitoba mentioned similar experiences this year (and last in Manitoba), but this *may* be a first for the Maritimes?

Neat stuff.  Heavy wind and rain here the last two days.  Only seeing many Harmonia axyridis on the windows and siding. 

Is that lady on a dandelion?

Danny, we've had thousands of Harmonia axyridis of the side of the house on several of the recent record warm days. A few get in every time we open the back door so we now have a few clusters hibernating inside on the corners of the ceilings and window frames!

No Asian lady Beetles inside that I've noticed, Stu. Had lots a few weeks ago and again over the past 3 days. I was talking with a friend in the New Glasgow area of NS a couple of days ago, she mentioned seeing many on their house.

Wow.  Not seeing numbers like that.  Saw them mentioned in the news lately, so I guessed they were on the rise.  Haven't seen large numbers of them since about 15-16 years ago.

Totally awesome Denis!  Just to note that at the two ponds in Pocologan where I work just a little over a week ago on one of those hot days I saw two fresh exuvia from large darners along the edge of the small pond, and I know for a fact these were new because I check the edge almost every day.  I did take some photos and will see if I can post one later. 

I am going to go to Piskahegan sometime this weekend to see if I might find a Rubyspot hanging out although the weather is suppose to cool off somewhat.


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