Notice especially the ABSENCE of yellow makings on the dorsal surface of abdominal segments 8, 9 & 10 (last 3 segments) in O. mainensis.

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Fabulous Tony! What lovely creatures they are! This is such a great way to compare. Now I know why you were so frustrated awhile back wanting to post these images and the glitch just wouldn't let you. I see a typo .. "8, 9, and 110". Lot of similarities wow ... that O. mainensis, I might ID that one with a dorsal shot! Thanks for this!

This chart is a keeper!!  So nice to compare them side by side.  Also forces me to learn the scientific names..

This is a phenomenal set of graphics, Tony! May I also link each Ophiogomphus species account to these?

Denis, I posted these to compliment your excellent Species Accounts. So yes, link these and any other of my future (and past!) postings  that add something to your accounts.

OMG! This is absolutely stunning, Tony. You get my vote for 'Posting of the Year - 2014'.

Maybe we can get JD to award me a virtual trophy.

Here you go Tony you deserve it! With a little luck you might get the other one too! :)

These guys could write a book! The most awesome species profiles, images, comparisons, locations, ID pointers  ... I feel guilty looking at all this stuff this for free!

Sure we can think of somewhere for you to send money.

I feel guilty ... but I can live with it :)


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