These were swarming at the Spednic lake PNA on June 16 2018.

Paul thinks maybe Mantled Baskettail - Epitheca semiaquea; Common - E. cynosura seems more likely.

Either way, nice to see this dark-patch species.

Photo taken in my tent trap, screen mesh very very reflective!

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I think its Common Basket tail also Tony . From what Ive learned and been told on the Northeast Odonata

One of the indicators for Mantled is that the dark basal patch extends all the way to the nodes on the FW cell . This is why I think its probably  Common too .

I added a pic

Mantled on Left

Common Right

Showing different in basal FW patch

nice compartison

also in females (as mine) the cerci are shorter in Common.

I’ve only seen these in Florida!!!   Great find Tony!!

Very interesting post.


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