Lifer for me is this Spine-crowned Clubtail seen in Sheffield June 15 2018. I was looking for Skillet Clubtails and thought this was .... Gilles B. ID'd it on iNat.

Eastern Red Damsel seen in Minto June 15 2018.

This Lilypad Clubtail was seen on the 105 along St John River June 12 2018.

Another Lifer for both Gail and I. Ocellated Emerald - Rte 745 Scott Brook - June 9 2018.

Elfin skimmer seen in Minto June 15 2018.

Ebony Jewelwing seen Scotts Brook June 9 2018.

Rusty Snaketail seen Scott Brook June 9 2018

Racket-tailed Emerald seen Scott Brook June 9 2018.

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 Beautiful images and critters! Congrats of the lifers Jimmy and Gail!!

Nice, quite the selection. 

Thanks Joanne and Danny! Still lots more to find.

WOW, impressive!!  You are going right to town!  The Spine-crowned Clubtail  is gorgeous and I love the Eastern Red Damsel!!  

Wonderful shots and finds!  Haven't had time to go Ode hunting lately.

Congrats to you both on lifers!!  Always SO exciting to find something new

Thanks Nancy! Yeah some odes are pretty impressive, just as all the other species on this planet. Isn't nature fun!

Yessiree, I think we are on a roll......hope they keep showing up.  Fabulous finds and awesome pics JD.  Need to get that Raynox on my SX50 camera for those tiny odes and closeups.  We had no luck in locating that Broad-tailed Shadowdragon, but the summer is young so lots of time to find one as they are around till first week of August.  I really think that they need to be netted just around dark as that is when they like to fly.  I have that Bog Haunter that we saw, and I have a few others from last weekend to post as well.  Time is running out for the Pygmy Snaketail......I have cleaned up every exuvia that I can find so that any new ones I can collect and check for the elusive dragon.  I just saw a teneral Black-shouldered spinyleg last night about an hour before dark after a wet day I think she was staying put for the night as I peeked again just before leaving and she had her wings folded up.

Thanks Gail! You've been  trying so hard for that Pygmy ... good luck! I hope you find it ... I could use one too.

I'm a week+ late in commenting on this but just wanted to congratulate you on the lifers. This is a really impressive line up of odes that you have in this posting and I know all the time and effort that went into getting these great photos and sharing them with us! Thanks.

Im chiming in late too... but congrats on a great selection of ode findings !! Your timing has been perfect !

Thanks Stu and Derek! Gail and I really enjoy searching these out and also sharing them just as others love sharing their moths, butterflies, birds flowers etc. So much fun seeing some old ode friends and when we find a new one, well sometimes its hard to take a picture as your hands are trembling with excitement, hoping it will sit still long enough. Its also difficult to ID many and that's half the fun. What a great community though. So many people are so helpful and want to share their knowledge. We couldn't do it without you all.


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