The Ebony Boghaunter / La Cordulie bistrée (Williamsonia fletcheri)

Adult size: 29-34 mm

Habitat: This species is mainly associated with sphagnum bog and fen pools. It sometimes uses quite shallow pools at the base of trees on bog edges, such as Black Spruce and Larch.

Flight period: In the Maritimes, emerges as early as mid-May and flies until the very end of June, occasionally into July (dates May 16th NS- July 7th NB).

ID hints: A small, shiny, dark (black or very dark brown) Emerald with a metallic green face. With age, its eyes also become Emerald Green, such as in nearly all Emerald species. It also shows 2 white rings on the hind margins of the 2nd and 3rd abdominal segments.

Male Ebony Boghaunter, Kellys Bog, Kouchibouguac National Park, June 17th, 2011

General Nature Notes: Each year, the Ebony Boghaunter is one of the first dragonflies on the wing across its entire range. It is a rather rare, glacial relict species of dragonfly that inhabits bogs and fens in eastern North America.

Female Ebony Boghaunter, June 7th, 2009, small dirt rd on north side of New Scotland Bog, NB

Ebony Boghaunter male, small woodland rd across from Irving cut block S-11, Route 116 west of Harcourt and east of Castaway (Salmon River Rd), north side of Salmon River, June 12th, 2008

Ebony Boghaunters do have a propensity for perching vertically on trees, making them in some cases easier to find. They are also very early to fly in the year, sometimes the first species on the wing in their preferred habitat. This teneral female was photographed in the same locale as the male directly above, on May 27th, 2008. Her eyes will only turn that nice shade of green in a week or so after emerging.

Map locations for Ebony Boghaunter

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I can hardly wait for spring to see what my yard will reveal. Thanks.  I am going looking for Dennis Paulson 's book, unless of course you have yours written yet?!

Helen, thanks again! As for the book, it will be long time yet until I have anything ready for printing, but I am plugging away at it. In the meanwhile, working on these species accounts helps in that direction, for sure. As Tony says, Dennis Paulson's book is indeed a must have and the basis for numbering my species accounts on this page. Also, Ed Lam in working on the Peterson's Filed Guide to Dragonflies of North America and Paul Brunelle is working on the Atlas for this region and both will be great when they come out, for sure:
Species Accounts page

Denis: excellent account and superb photos.

Helen: that book is a 'must have'; I have found the best prices for books with very low shipping charges at

Thanks, Tony!

Excellent Denis! - map locations added for Ebony Boghaunter

It does not 'hunt' bogs, simply 'haunts' them.

I copy/pasted the name from Denis' title Ha! I will have to fix my spreadsheet and the map!

There hopefully that looks better :) (didn't take too long to fix!)

OK but my monitor still shows it as a bog-hunter

OOOps! Thanks for the corrections, guys. I typed them in wrong, obviously.

I didn't correct anything in here ... I only uncorrected things in my map. I was totally confused and thought the actual name was BOGHUNTER ... but now I see it really is BOGHAUNTER. So I made my spreadsheet all wrong. All I needed to do was correct the Title of it. ...sooooooo I will go back and 're-fix' it'.

.... There should be correct now ... thanks for pointing out my mistake Tony. You were telling me my /title and text at the bottom of my map were wrong. I misunderstood and thought you meant all the text in the boxes that open up was wrong.

Who comes up with these names!  lol....Very sharp looking, I'd say!!  Especially in the second image.... Mid May, that's a plus, to start the season!  Now, I just have to find some  I'm sure Jimmy's map will help with that.  Love the name..:)


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