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looks like a small Dolomedes tenebrosus St.Basile 25 May 2017 total size 1/2"

Started by Martin Turgeon

0 on Friday

'Porcupine Jumper'

May 25 2017 Hyla Park. This guy is well camouflaged to match the rock he calls home.

Started by Tony

0 on Thursday

Large wolf spider

This large (1.5 cm with legs) spider looks to me like a jumping spider, family Salticidae. A male?, judging by the large palps. He was sitt…

Started by Chris Adam

2 on Thursday
Reply by Jimmy Dee

3 Sep 2015 at house St.Basile name ?

Started by Martin Turgeon

6 on Tuesday
Reply by Jimmy Dee

Habronattus decorus: A Lovely Little Jumper- Take 2 (Mature males)

Well, I think I answered my own question. I found THESE at home yesterday, three beautiful males, all grey and metallic red, all in the sam…

Started by Denis A. Doucet

5 on Tuesday
Reply by Jimmy Dee

it must be Dolomedes tenebrosus 21 May 2017 St.Basile NB our largest native spider

Started by Martin Turgeon

2 May 21
Reply by Denis A. Doucet

Six-spotted Fishing Spider

Waiting for dinner to arrive ... Turtle Pond, Albrights Corner, May 17, 2017. Dolomedes triton

Started by Jimmy Dee

3 May 19
Reply by Gail Taylor

A Lovely Little Jumper: Habronattus decorus

Three shots each of male (first) and female, taken at home on May 7th in the gravel pit. Click on images to view full size. PS I think the…

Started by Denis A. Doucet

3 May 9
Reply by Martin Turgeon

Wolf Spider, Fredericton May 1 2017

This male Trochosa terricola (Lycosidae) in the garage.

Started by Tony

1 May 1
Reply by Tom Finck

zebra jumping spider( salticus scenicus ) April 30,,2017

Moncton an other  zebra  jumping spider

Started by Tom Finck

2 May 1
Reply by Tom Finck


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