EDIT: ID'd by Tom

Last night (Oct 1/2) was the 1st night in about 10 days when I got any moths in my trap. Have been getting a couple of caddisflies most nights.

This pretty little fella has so far defied ID'ing - no luck searching BiugGuide,

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i don't know to much about Caddisfly's Tony ill take a guest on it its autumn so i would say autumn sedge  mottle maybe neophylax don't realy know just guesting lol nice one nice patterns

Fantastic Tom. Quite sure you got a correct ID:

Order Trichoptera - Caddisflies Suborder Integripalpia Infraorder Plenitentoria Superfamily Limnephiloidea Family Thremmatidae Genus Neophylax - Autumn Mottled Sedges Species oligius - Autumn Sedge

From BugGuide

thank you Tony glad i could help in some way

Great image, great response! Really appreciate all since I had one that looks like Tony's recently. I don't expect to try to id Caddisfly species anytime soon but I have noticed some beauties coming to the lights over this 'moffing' season.

Way to go Tom, looks like you nailed it !

thank you Danny,,nice pattern for a fly tying for fisherman of new Brunswick this one on maybe  a male Gender displaying its colors,there could be even sub familys in the location just never know that will be next year Tony will have to make a listing i would say a nice find and Joanne said she had one two different locations


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