Lots of these minuscule critters hopping about the snow on this beautiful day. sometimes called Snow fleas but not really a flea. This is Hypogastrura harveyi I believe. Would love to find some scorpionflies also but none yet.

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Very neat, Jimmy! Your posting sent me out searching in the woods this afternoon in the sun and +10C. Lots of Winter Fireflies crawling about the tree trunks but couldn't find any other insect life. Still +10 at 6pm so wouldn't be surprised to see a moth at the outside lights this evening.

Funny that Stu, I was thinking the same thing.... our temps have dropped to 5.7 C by now [7: 57 PM]. I BBQ'd earlier, nothing flew by and nothing at the lights.

Nice find JD.  I've had a number of winter crane flies around the house the last few days, but today it hit 12 degrees and I saw none.  Maybe it was too warm for them !


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