Little  Springtails hopping about in the snow I see today, sometimes called snow fleas. For those that don't know the size of these, they are next to a dime. I'm getting behind now on ID of these things so I'll have to settle for Class Collembola - Springtails and allies.

Seen in Minto, Jan 29, 2018 ..... and lots of um. Its -5C.

Bugs in January ... YAY!

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I got home around 10:00 PM last Sat. evening, Jimmy... it was 7C and there were a couple of Springtails at the outside light.

I wish I'd been home earlier as there could have been a moth. I'm looking forward to moth season!

I hear you Joanne ... won't come soon enough. A moth in Jan., that would be cool (pun?). Looking forward to another 4-winged creature also, along with the 2-winged variety that migrate every spring. Well, off to check the dash of my car. Found a neat critter a few years ago that Tony helped to ID.

You get an A for effort in finding bugs in January JD.  Saw some winter crane flies on the wing yesterday.

Well thanks Danny! I'd defiantly say your crane fly is much more exciting than the ordinary whatever kinda housefly I saw yesterday. Well done!  I haven't seen any of those but will keep an eye out.

Nice spotting, Jimmy! I'd go looking but we don't have any snow here! I looked hard for moths on both Saturday and Sunday evenings but no luck. 

Thanks Stu! Ground still snow covered here. Good luck on a rare winter moth!

Winter moth probably wouldn't be an overly rare one... I'd bet on Morrison's Sallow 9936 or an Acleris species. Stu, I'm glad I wasn't the only one looking!


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