BugGuide only a few identifiable image of this species of thrips, in this case, the clover thrips. BG needs a thrips expert to take their many images down below family level, so, any volunteers?

If you see daisys anywhere, check the yellow (flower) portion and you will often see tiny black, elongated insects called thrips. In this case, they are clover thrips: 

PHLAEOTHRIPIDAE (Tube-tailed Thrips) Phlaeothripiinae: Haplothrips leucanthemi - Clover thrips

If you look closely at the second image, you can see that the tail of one of the thrips ends in what looks like a tube.

Thrips is a Greek word that is actually singular, despite the s ending, and is similar to other Greek origin words like chaos and kudos, the latter of which is now in common usage as plural.

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Great posting, Chris! Thanks for sharing.

Nice Chris.  Thanks for the etymology lesson !


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