Two Pygmy Grasshoppers (Tetrigidae) were observed at the Nerepis River Bridge, Bayard (near Welsford), Queens Co., N.B. on 7 June 2017. The first one was observed actually swimming underwater: the images I took were when it was partially submerged and resting at the edge of the puddle just below the river bank. The second was found a ways upriver on the sandy riverside habitat.

Both need identification.

Tags: Orthoptera, Tetrigidae, grasshopper, pygmy

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Prehistoric looking things eh? I do remember seeing one underwater in UNB woodlot last year right behind homedepot.

I keep looking out for them....I know how much they blend in.  Nice find Chris!

Nice!!! I am tempted to saw these are both individuals of Awl-shaped Pygmy Grasshopper (Tetrix subulata). Well, I guess I just did :p

Really though, their overall shape and relatively slim appearance and lack of a significant projection on the frons lead me to that conclusion. It will be interesting to hear what David Ferguson will say on BG if you post them there too.

Identified on BugGuide today, 29 Sep 2017, as Tetrix ornata.


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